February Meeting – No meeting due to our ANTIQUE SHOW.

NOTE: The Study Group composed the article “Mould Makers –- the Unsung Artists of the Glass Industry” for the Show Booklet. There will be a hands-on exhibit to show the difference between glass blown into a mould and glass pressed into a mould. Also, a time line showing the progress in mould making from the Romans to current day will highlight our display. Our good friend John Weishar, owner of Island Mould & Machine Co., will provide a large exhibit at our ANTIQUE SHOW showing the many tools which these gifted artisans used to craft metal moulds.

Any club member may sell up to 25 antiques and/or collectibles in our Consignment Booth if you FIRST sign up to work at least two hours for the good of the show. Contact KATHY ROTH for more information.

March Meeting – Julie Agar will be presenting on Tiffany glass. Her relative was the first non-Tiffany to become president.

April Meeting – Presentation on Fry Glass

May Meeting – Presentation on the Glass of Fayette County

Our Club: The Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh (HGCP)

Who/ What:

The more than 60 members of HGCP are not only from the local Pittsburgh area, but from throughout distant locations around the Tri-State (Pennsylvania /Ohio /West Virginia) area.

Your MEMBERSHIP in the club gets you a copy of The Glassblower, HGCP's monthly newsletter. It is sent to each member prior to each upcoming meeting. It shares information about the previous month's program, upcoming meeting information, events and trip information.


HGCP meets the third Wednesday of every month from September through May. Optional dinners at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Keystone Room) start at 6:30 PM -- Club Meetings start at 7:45 PM


We meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Keystone Room) across from Pittsburgh's South Hills Village, unless so noted on the calendar. Note the ACTIVE LINK to a map that will help you find the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

How Much?

Dues for the year are $20. If you think that you would like to attend a meeting to learn more about American Glass and our Club, please use the links here and head to the Membership and/or the Contact Us pages. The optional dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel is $23.00 for members and $27.00 for guests.

What do I get for my $20.00 membership?
 Outstanding educational programs
 Newsletter called The “Glassblower” 10 times per year
 Lasting friendships
 Shared expertise
 Appreciation of American glass made circa 1800-1900
 Examination of awesome glass displays
 Opportunity to serve on committees
 Leadership role: hold a club office
 …and so much more!!!

A January 2018 Message from our President

Club President Janna Eversmeyer

Janna Eversmeyer

We hope everyone had wonderful holidays! We're having a pretty chilly start to 2018, but we know it will warm up eventually, so forget about the cold and focus on: ... our upcoming ANTIQUE SHOW and sale.

Our gifted and hard-working Study Group [has completed their educational display for this years ANTIQUE SHOW]: moulds and mould making. This is a very important subject, basic to the study of glass, and I for one expect to learn a great deal. I hope everyone will brave the winter weather for this [great display].

Our show weekend is rapidly approaching! Last year’s show was arguably the best ever, so we need everyone to step up to the plate to make this year’s show even better. Please consider volunteering for part or all of the weekend – it’s always lots of fun, and you can be an enormous help to our intrepid Show Committee and all our dedicated dealers. Contact our volunteer coordinator to find out how you can help.

Proceeds from the Benefit Raffle go toward our all-important special projects fund. We like to offer quality antiques [at our Benefit Raffle] as well as the traditional Basket of Cheer and the Crowne Plaza’s generous coupon for a free overnight stay (including champagne !!). Please consider a cash donation toward purchasing raffle items. Or, if you have an item or items you would like to donate, please get in touch with me (Janna). Time is of the essence!

A January 2018 Message from our Vice President

Josh Hvizdos

The club celebrated Christmas and ended the year on a high note at the December meeting. The club had its first ever glass raffle, and it was a remarkable success!! We raised $125 towards the special projects fund and members went home with some great pieces of glass. We will be continuing with these raffles and have already secured 6 great pieces. We will be looking for more donations for March through May!! A big thank you to everyone who donated!

A January 2018 Message from our Show Committee

SHOW COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Martin Fuess, Zita Reis, Kathy Roth, and Mary Lee Snuffer
(Please see your Membership Book for their contact information)

The Show Committee is hard at work so that our 43rd Pittsburgh ANTIQUE SHOW and Sale can be even more successful than previous years.

We are once again calling on our members to help by donating
• an item for the Raffle
• a donation of an item for the Basket of Cheer
• a cash donation to help buy any of the above

AND don't forget to mark your calendar to go to the Crowne Plaza Hotel for another GREAT ANTIQUE SHOW on February 17-18, 2018!.

A January 2018 Message from our Study Group

STUDY GROUP MEMBERS: Jon Day and Zita Reis
(Please see your Membership Book for their contact information)

The Study Group continues to learn more on subject of moulds, the mould making process and the men and companies who made the moulds which were used to produce the beautiful glass that we all love and collect. John Weishar, owner of Island Mould & Mch. Co., has agreed to come to our Exhibit on Saturday, February 17th to explain and/or answer questions about the mould making process. Additionally, he will bring a mould or two and a sample of the glass that was produced in the mould. We are all very excited that this expert will be on hand to help the attendees of the 43rd Pittsburgh Antiques Show & Sale learn more about this interesting subject. Please join us if you’d like to learn more about this subject and/or the next subject which the Study Group will undertake. You never know what exciting subject will be next!!

Come and join us if you’d like to learn more about this fascinating subject... For information call Jon or Zita. We’d love to have you join the Study Group.

Meet Our 2017-2018 Officers:

The officers for 2017-2018: (LEFT to RIGHT) are

Janna Eversmeyer (President),
Josh Hvizdos (Vice President),
Peggy Anchors (Secretary),
Marsha Perrott (Treasurer),
Betty DeSalvo (Assistant Treasurer),
Martin Fuess (Editor), and
Francie Brentzel (Historian).

2017 to 2018 officers




Our Charter

The Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh (HGCP) promotes the education, study, knowledge, appreciation, and history of American Glass, with emphasis on glass manufactured in the Pittsburgh region, as well as its relationship to useful and decorative arts.

Kathy Turner photo

Kathy Turner
Thank you Kathy for a superb "prize" presentation on Ohio Glassware at our October meeting

Non-Profit Status

The Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh (HGCP) is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization listed on the IRS website in their pub. 78 database

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