We are moving full steam ahead with plans for the
glassblower monument, spearheaded by Martin Fuess.
Our club has sent a letter enlisting help from the city of
Pittsburgh. We are currently in the beginning stages of
fundraising, with both the glass raffles at our meetings
and the sales of the sun catchers going to the special
projects fund. Donations to this project are always


The Study Group is looking at different types of glass
used to hold lotions, potions, medicines and advertisements
in the apothecary shops during the early 1800’s. It is obvious
that there were changes in the glass used in drug stores a
hundred years later. The question, then, is what caused
those changes? Stay tuned. You will get an interesting
history lesson at our February 2019 Antique Show and Sale.


Wednesday: December 19th, 2018
Christmas Party
Please note: the December meeting is the 3rd Wednesday

Wednesday: January 16th, 2019
Study Group – "Glass for Lotions, Potion and Notions - Drug Store Glass"
Please note: the January meeting is the 3rd Wednesday

SATURDAY February 16th, 2019 - - - AND
SUNDAY February 17th, 2019
It's our annual HGCP Antique Show and Sale

Wednesday: March 20th, 2019
Josh Hvizdos “The Glass of Fayette Co”

Our Club: The Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh (HGCP)

Who/ What:

The more than 60 members of HGCP are not only from the local Pittsburgh area, but from throughout distant locations around the Tri-State (Pennsylvania /Ohio /West Virginia) area.

Your MEMBERSHIP in the club gets you a copy of The Glassblower, HGCP's monthly newsletter. It is sent to each member prior to each upcoming meeting. It shares information about the previous month's program, upcoming meeting information, events and trip information.


HGCP meets the third Wednesday of every month from September through May. Optional dinners at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Keystone Room) start at 6:30 PM -- Club Meetings start at 7:45 PM


We meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Keystone Room) across from Pittsburgh's South Hills Village, unless so noted on the calendar. Note the ACTIVE LINK to a map that will help you find the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

How Much?

Dues for the year are $20. If you want to receive a PRINTED copy of the Glassblower news-letter, dues are $30. If you think that you would like to attend a meeting to learn more about American Glass and our Club, please use the links here and head to the Membership and/or the Contact Us pages. The optional dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel is $23.00 for members and $27.00 for guests.

What do I get for my $20.00 membership?
 Outstanding educational programs
 Newsletter called The “Glassblower” 10 times per year in your email
 Lasting friendships
 Shared glass expertise
 Appreciation of American glass made circa 1800-1900
 Examination of awesome glass displays
 Opportunity to serve on committees
 Leadership role: hold a club office
 …and so much more!!!

A 2018 December Message from our President

Josh Hvizdos

Josh Hvizdos

I hope that everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, and that you had a joyful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends.

The club members attending the November meeting had an outstanding time. We were treated to an informative and well researched talk by well-known glass historian Sid Lethbridge on the early history of Canadian pattern glass.

At the last board meeting, the board was given an update from Martin Fuess on the Monument and was beginning to plan to reconvene the committee meetings in the near future. The board discussed creating a new subcommittee on website design / social media that will help bring the club message into the digital age as well as help with gaining support for our club goals including the monument.

I appreciate the opportunity to lead the club over the next two years and am excited at what we can accomplish going forward. I would encourage everyone to try to attend as many dinner meetings as possible and to help out in any way you can. If I don’t see you at the various local glass shows, I hope to see all of you at one of our [education packed] meetings!

Meet Our 2018-2019 Officers:

The officers for 2018-2019: (LEFT to RIGHT) are

Zita Reis (Historian)
Betty DeSalvo (Assistant Treasurer),
Marsha Perrott (Treasurer),
Peggy Anchors (Secretary),
Josh Hvizdos (President),
Marilyn Hamay (Vice President),
Jane Offutt (Editor).

Our 2018-2019 Officers




Our Charter

The Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh (HGCP) promotes the education, study, knowledge, appreciation, and history of American Glass, with emphasis on glass manufactured in the Pittsburgh region, as well as its relationship to useful and decorative arts.

Canadian Glass called Starflower

"Starflower" made by the Nova Scotia Glass Co. and later by Diamond Glass Co


Sid Lethbridge

At our November meeting, Sid showed examples of Canadian Pressed Glass. Of course, the most famous is the “Maple Leaf” pattern. He also revealed that his interest in glass stemmed from his mother, who collected a certain pattern of Canadian pressed glass. As a result, he was able to discern beauty in both the craftsmanship and aesthetics of glass..

Non-Profit Status

The Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh (HGCP) is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization listed on the IRS website in their pub. 78 database

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