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February 10, 2021 Board Members Meeting

February 14, 2021 Our hearts will be blue on Valentines’ Day, remembering those we lost to COVID.
Even so, we know they are never gone, but live forever in our hearts.

February 17, 2021 WEDNESDAY (Crowne Plaza Hotel) - Our Club Dinner MeetingCANCELED

February 20-21, 2021 SATURDAY / SUNDAY our CLUB SHOW has been CANCELED

Need a Road Trip?
March 6-7, 2021 SATURDAY / SUNDAY Three Rivers (Pittsburgh) GLASS SHOW CANCELED
For more information, see our Events page

March 17, 2021 WEDNESDAY (Crowne Plaza Hotel) - Our Club Dinner Meeting CANCELED

April 14, 2021 Board Members Meeting

April 21, 2021 WEDNESDAY (Crowne Plaza Hotel) - Our Club Dinner Meeting

May 19, 2021 WEDNESDAY (Crowne Plaza Hotel) - Our Club Dinner Meeting


A 2021 February Message from our President

Kathy Roth

Dear Members: I hope this finds you all healthy, safe and happy with family and friends.

In the last year our lives have really changed. I have learned how to Zoom, use RoKu, Netflix, Hulu and stream my grandson's games. Things I never thought I would need to learn to use or setup. We all need to learn new things and new ways to share our knowledge with each other.

Today the Crown Plaza Hotel informed us they are hoping to welcome us back the third Wednesday in April. What a treat it would be to see you! I have asked Norene Beatty, Peggy Anchors and Francie Brentzel to serve on the Nominating Committee and the Board has approved. If you have any interest in being an Officer, please contact the Committee. The Committee will be calling the present Officers to see if they are interest in serving for another year. Thank you for your cooperation.


A 2021 January Message from our Vice President

Dorthy Fels

Nothing to report at this time since the Crowne Plaza tells us they will not be scheduling dinners at least through March because of the pandemic. We could explore other venues, but we have explored that avenue before and could not find anything suitable. I guess we will just have to hunker down. STAY SAFE, pray for a reliable vaccine and an early spring.

A 2021 January Message from our Membership Chair

Francie Brentzel

Marc DeSalvo’s email address in the membership booklet is wrong—sorry, Marc.
Please see the January GLASSBLOWER for his address and then correct his entry in your club booklet.

If there are other corrections, click here to email me: Francie Brentzel.

A Message from our Show Committee

Martin Fuess, Zita Reis, Kathy Roth, and Mary Lee Snuffer

We, the Show Committee, with the concurrence of our Board of Directors, are disappointed to announce the cancellation of the February 2021 Pittsburgh Antiques Show & Sale. It certainly is not our preference, and we are very sad that we have to take this action, but given the uncertainties that continue to swirl around the ongoing COVID pandemic as well as the current limitations imposed on inside gatherings/events by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we truly are left with no other safe option that would protect the members of our club, our dealers, and our patrons.

Meet Our 2020-2021 Officers:

The Officers for the 2020-2021 Club year are (photos are coming):

Kathy Roth (President)
Dorothy Fels (Vice President)
Norene Beatty (Secretary)
Marsha Perrott (Treasurer)
Betty DeSalvo (Assistant Treasurer)
Jane Offutt (Glassblower Editor)
Zita Reis (Historian)
Francie Brentzel (Membership)

The officers for the 2019 - 2020 Club Year were (see photo below)

Zita Reis (Historian),
Betty DeSalvo (Assistant Treasurer),
Marsha Perrott (Treasurer),
Peggy Anchors (Secretary),
Josh Hvizdos (President),
Marilyn Hamay (Vice President),
Jane Offutt (Editor).

Our 2018-2019 Officers


Our Club: The Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh (HGCP)

Who/ What?

The more than 60 members of HGCP are not only from the local Pittsburgh area, but from throughout distant locations around the Tri-State (Pennsylvania /Ohio /West Virginia) area.

Your MEMBERSHIP in the club gets you a copy of The Glassblower, HGCP's monthly newsletter. It is sent to each member prior to each upcoming meeting. It shares information about the previous month's program, upcoming meeting information, events and trip information.


Our September Meeting is always a Picnic. HGCP then meets the third Wednesday of every month from October through May at the Crowne Plaza Hotel unless so noted on the calendar. Optional dinner starts at 6:30 PM -- Club Meetings start at 7:30 PM --


We meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel across from Pittsburgh's South Hills Village, unless so noted on the calendar. Note the ACTIVE LINK to a map that will help you find the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

How Much?

Dues for the year are $20. If you want to receive a PRINTED copy of the Glassblower news-letter, dues are $30. If you think that you would like to attend a meeting to learn more about American Glass and our Club, please use the links here and head to the Membership and/or the Contact Us pages. The optional dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel is $24.00 for members and $28.00 for guests.

What do I get for my $20.00 membership?
 Outstanding educational programs
 Newsletter called The “Glassblower” 10 times per year in your email
 Lasting friendships
 Shared glass expertise
 Appreciation of American glass made circa 1800-1900
 Examination of awesome glass displays
 Opportunity to serve on committees
 Leadership role: hold a club office
 …and so much more!!!

The Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh (HGCP) newest PHOTO GALLERY

  January, 2021
  Inaugural Gifts For President Biden and Vice President Harris

    Peter O Rourke glass cuttings for the 2021 presidential Inauguration

For The Inauguration, Glasscutter Peter O’Rourke handcrafted a pair of intricate vases for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

When presenting the vases to President Biden and Vice President Harris, Senator Amy Klobuchar said, “The team at Lenox has worked for months to capture the spirit of this inauguration and your incoming administration. Mr. President, your vase features the White House, and Vice President Harris’s vase features the U.S. Capitol.

She continued to explain, “Each vase weighs 32 pounds. Lenox is the oldest crystal and fine china maker in the U.S.A. The gifts represent the hope and faith the American people have placed in you to move our country forward.”

Senator Klobuchar’s presentation of the vases is part of a tradition that started when Mr.O’Rourke made jelly bean jars for President Ronald Regan. Nine inaugurations later, another piece of Pittsburgh glass is celebrated in Washington D.C.


  Sunday Sept 20, 2020
  Members Bob and Helen Jones, along with their son Matt and his wife Robin visited New Bedford, MA
  We all got a peek at the new home of the New Bedford Museum of Glass:

(8187)    (8188)

The New Bedford Museum of Glass has found a wonderful old house to call Home. The Museum is NOT open for business yet (try early 2021), but our daughter-in-law Robin was able to make arrangements with Kirk Nelson, the Museum President and Executive Director.
Kirk gave us a wonderful sneak preview tour.

(8202)    (8204)

(8211)    (8207)

Each of the 50-plus display cases will be hiding thousands of shards dug from the company site. Lots of painting, cleaning, and decorating is yet to be done before opening day. Oh, and we can't forget the installation of display case shelving, glass doors, and of course, the placing of hundreds of pieces of glass to treat the public eye and give them a hunger for American Glass. Kirk mentioned that he just "had" to open a few boxes of glass and place samples on the shelves so early visitors would have some temporary displays to look at - which obviously took a lot of time away from his getting things ready for opening day - Thanks, Kirk, for the added consideration.

(8220)    (8212)

(8224)    (8227)

Here is a peek of one wall in the "accessioning" office. I had to show you their wide-eyed view of New Bedford. Here was a beautiful display of Kate Greenaway glass combined with period clothing...

(8245)    (8194)

Remember, this is a 200 year old home with early 20th century upgrades like pluming and electricity. Some of the features from 1800 that you only read about, like its restaurant sized cooking facilities, servants quarters, attached stables, 6 rented apartments on the third floor, just a fabulous building with huge museum possibilities. You HAVE to come visit this historic building/ museum/ house/ home when they open their doors. History on top of history is all here.

OK, do you want more information? Here is a link to their web site: New Bedford Museum of Glass.
Here is a link to the YouTube video that gives you more historic details about the James Arnold Mansion
AND, there will be a Press Release in the upcoming issue of All About Glass (AAG), the quarterly magazine from the Museum of American Glass in West Virginia (MAG) and an article later next year (the date is still TBD). MAG members get free copies, or, if you are not a member of MAG, you can call MAG directly (304-269-5006) with your charge card number and become a member (4 free issues next year).

Thanks again Kirk. Your tour was GREAT...

Our Charter

The Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh (HGCP) promotes the education, study, knowledge, appreciation, and history of American Glass, with emphasis on glass manufactured in the Pittsburgh region, as well as its relationship to useful and decorative arts.


(Original Manufacturers Name)
Bakewell, Pears & Co.
1875 catalog
Rick Miller photo
from EAPG Data Base

The January and February Issues of the
-- our club magazine --
has great articles on the

Pittsburgh's Glass Center
Mosaic at Glass Center fuses City's past and present

and more articles about
Master Glass Cutter

Peter O'Roourke
Owner of
"All Things Crystal and Glass"
in Mt. Pleasant

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Non-Profit Status

The Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh (HGCP) is a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) Charitable Organization listed on the IRS website in their pub 78 database (now called CHARITIES)



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